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Tired of Your Projects Finishing Past Due and Over Budget?

Let Me Help You to Change That!


Want to use the ever-popular Scrum Framework for your organization or development team but don’t know where to start? I will give your team a step-by-step how-to on all things Scrum and coach you for the duration of your projects to help make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Scrum Coaching

Want to implement the Scrum framework in your projects but not quite sure where to start? I will show your team how to write clear and concise user stories that will effectively drive your product closer to meeting consumer expectations. During the project I show you how to prioritize project tasks and break down larger work into smaller pieces for teams to execute incrementally, which will help you to double or even triple the speed at which you complete the project.

Project management

I create and manage a detailed project plan and help you to do the proper research to define the scope, goals and requirements at the beginning of the project to ensure revenue objectives are met, helping to reduce the overall financial and technical debt that comes along with product development. We will estimate work, and capture all project progress, identifying critical paths, while anticipating and mitigating risk points.

conflict resolution

Are you a developer or a creative on the team that feels like you’re not being heard by management? Or are you management and feel like your team is falling short? I take the “temp” of your team and build custom solutions to remove any creative differences you face and facilitate regular team meetings to foster an environment of transparency and open communication.

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Hi, I’m Bethany.

From the age of 5, I always loved computers and all things technology (Hello Windows 95!) Then around the age of 10, I began to take an interest in programming, reading as many programming manuals as I could find. Throughout high school I took programming and web design classes, graduating at the age of 16 as a Certified Webmaster specializing in HTML, CSS, and graphic design. Immediately following high school I enrolled in the University of Phoenix majoring in IT for Computer Hardware. My career path has seen me working with all walks of life, in the Legal, Financial, and Tech Sector.

While working I constantly saw opportunities to improve the way teams worked organizationally and implemented the principles of the Scrum framework to improve my personal productivity and used these to aid others around me with great success.

During the pandemic, I decided to focus more on helping organizations and development teams become familiar with implementing the Scrum framework through workshops, easy to follow organizational plans, and team mentoring.

Scrum As You Are is largely a passion project. My goal is to help reduce the frustrations that development teams, business owners and consumers face with products and services by building better teams that focus on self-organization to produce better outcomes.

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See what they’re saying.

Our happy customers have a lot to say about our products and services!

Bethany has assisted me on many occasions. She is very organized in her efforts to support those around her to help them be successful. She cares for a number of responsibilities but makes sure that they are completed in the most efficient way possible.

David D

Bethany helped me organize my day to day tasks by importance which has helped my days run much smoother and efficiently.

Naomie N

Bethany always brings a positive energy when she interacts with our team. She has help guide us on our next steps and keep us on track with our tasks/deadlines. She’s more than willing to help in any way that she can to make our work a success.

Makeda M

Bethany is an excellent colleague and a diligent worker. Her professionalism exceeds her reputation. She is detail oriented and knowledgeable in her field, as well as an exceptional person.

Ashley T

Bethany has been wonderful to work with! She is great with checking in on the team and keeping everyone informed about what our next steps will look like. She is also open to adapting to the team’s needs and adjusting plans when necessary, while keeping us focused on our progress toward our end goals.

Imani B

Bethany has always inspired me to do better. She refuses to give up on a task not when it’s done but when it’s done well.

Candace P