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Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is Scrum/Agility?
The main concept behind Scrum is to identify the current practices, work techniques, and management styles that are ineffective and make conscious adjustments for continuous improvement. The ultimate objective of the Scrum framework is to create value by providing adaptive solutions for the complex challenges faced in the workplace.

The term “agile” is widely used in the business world today, reflecting the reality that things are constantly changing. The Scrum framework teaches us to embrace this reality, to be flexible and adaptable, and to make necessary adjustments on the path towards achieving our goals. Instead of relying on intuition or emotions, the Scrum framework emphasizes data-driven decision-making. We are encouraged to respond quickly to new information and to use it to our advantage in developing solutions that prioritize efficiency and minimize waste of time, effort, and resources. In short, the Scrum framework helps us to be agile and responsive in a fast-paced and ever-changing business environment.

The Scrum framework advocates for tackling large projects in a step-by-step, iterative manner, avoiding the mistake of taking on too much at once.

Read the Agile Manifesto here that describes the pillars on which the Scrum framework is built.

02. Why Should I be using Scrum?

Fortune 500 companies use the Scrum framework to enhance their profitability and customer satisfaction by reducing the time and money spent on executing projects and product launches. Some of the largest and most successful businesses have abandoned the old way of doing things in favor of Scrum because it just works. It has been proven to increase productivity and outcome of products and services by at least 25% percent. As more and more companies start to adopt this framework it is imperative that all businesses learn to use this tried and true way of doing things in order to meet the hastening customer demands of today’s business world.

03. How can implementing the Scrum framework help my business?

Scrum facilitates the development of teamwork, transparency and effective communication within organizations enabling you to focus on problem-solving rather than blame game, while working towards a common goal. With enhanced collaboration among teams, project completion is expedited and errors are minimized, resulting in shorter project durations. This, in turn, allows organizations to allocate more time for other activities or to undertake additional projects. The resulting improved customer satisfaction can greatly enhance the value of an organization.