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Hey there, I´m Bethany

I’m a Scrum Master and the founder of Scrum As You Are.

Scrum As You Are is largely a passion project.

My goal is to help reduce the frustrations that development teams, business owners and consumers face with products and services by building better teams that focus on self-organization to produce better outcomes.

During the pandemic, I decided to focus more on helping organizations and development teams become familiar with implementing the Scrum framework through workshops, easy to follow organizational plans, and team mentoring.

I also realized that, in some cases, small businesses simply needed the support of professional business services that would fill in the gaps allow them to focus on their core operations.

How we can work together…

Our professional business services

My background

Bethany’s love for computers started at a young age and she quickly developed a passion for programming and web design. She pursued her interest in information technology by enrolling at the University of Phoenix and specializing in computer hardware. With almost 25 years of experience throughout her career, Bethany has worked in various sectors, including legal, financial, and tech.

During the pandemic, Bethany decided to focus more on helping organizations and development teams by providing workshops, organizational plans, and team mentoring to implement the Scrum framework successfully. This led to the creation of Scrum As You Are, a digital transformation agency that provides small businesses with a one-stop-shop for everything they need to exist online, including social media, technical project management, copywriting services, web development and design, and software solutions.

Bethany’s goal is to help reduce customer and employee frustration with products and services by building better teams that focus on self-organization to produce better outcomes. With her passion for technology and her dedication to improving team productivity, Bethany continues to make a positive impact in the tech industry.

Credentials: Professional Scrum Master, Founder/CEO Scrum As You Are LLC, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Certified Computer Programmer

Our Mission

Scrum As You Are is a technical consulting firm that focuses on equipping business owners with the necessary tools and professional business services to achieve their digital transformation goals. We offer a comprehensive range of technical services, including brand strategy, social media management, SEO, web design and development, technical project management, and enterprise agility. Given the critical role of technology in driving business success, especially in today’s dynamic market, it is important to stay up-to-date with constantly evolving trends that can affect your customers’ perception of your business. At Scrum As You Are, we adopt a proactive approach to analyze all aspects of your online business operations to ensure a seamless online presence that saves you both time and money.

Stellar Endorsements

Bethany has a gift for problem-solving! When you meet a road block in a project, there are three main steps to follow: 1. Identify the problem. 2. Find a solution. 3. Implement the solution. Not only can Bethany guide you through this entire process but she can help you get over one of the biggest hurdles of many projects – figuring out where to start.

Caitlyn Padmore

Accounting Assistant, Human Development Inc

Bethany has been instrumental in helping me become the professional that I am today by mentoring me throughout my career. She has always provided detailed guidance on how to manage my time effectively and prioritize my tasks. She not only told me, she showed me by her example and gave me the resources that I needed to be successful in the future. She is always determined to see a project through to its completion and will be with you every step of the way!

Sabrina Millan

Payroll Coordinator, Suncoast Credit Union

Bethany has been phenomenal. She is organized and creative. She prioritizes your needs and wants for a timely and accurate delivery. She is professional and great to work with. Would definitely recommend her to other partners and colleagues.

Eunice Baiden

Software Developer/Engineer, MEGDSiE

Bethany has been wonderful to work with! She is great with checking in on the team and keeping everyone informed about what our next steps will look like. She is also open to adapting to the team’s needs and adjusting plans when necessary, while keeping us focused on our progress toward our end goals.

Imani Butler

Programming Coordinator, Georgia Coalition for the People's Agenda

Bethany is a true professional and excels at what she does. I’m thankful to work with her. She prioritizes her clients needs and saves them money too. My business is already benefiting from her organization and project management skills. It’s going to be a successful 2023 with her help!

Catina Morrison

CEO, Nurse Loves Essentials

I had the pleasure of working with Scrum As You Are on a recent project for one of our clients, and I have to say, the Scrum Master assigned to our team was truly exceptional. As a team member, I was incredibly impressed with how well she managed our project and kept everyone on track throughout the entire development process.

From day one, our Scrum Master made it clear that her top priority was to ensure that our team was working efficiently and effectively together. She was always available to answer questions and provide guidance, and she did an excellent job of keeping us all on the same page when it came to project timelines and deadlines.

One thing that really stood out to me about our Scrum Master, Bethany DeCola, was her ability to adapt to changing circumstances. When unexpected roadblocks arose, she was quick to come up with solutions that kept the project moving forward. And when it was clear that our team needed additional support or resources, she was proactive in getting us what we needed, even jumping in the trenches herself.

Overall, I would highly recommend Scrum As You Are to anyone looking for an experienced Scrum Master. My experience working with Bethany was nothing short of fantastic, and I have no doubt that any organization that partners with Scrum As You Are will benefit greatly from her expertise and professionalism.

Geneva Bell

Owner, PaveSEO.com

I highly recommend that if you value your sanity, you talk with Scrum As You Are! I had a client situation that otherwise would have led me to terminate the relationship but Bethany advised me just before I met with the client and the information she provided was invaluable! Not only was I able to refocus my attention on what mattered most, I was also able to maintain a solid relationship with the client, which left better opportunity for my business to continue doing work with this person in the future. Bethany’s skillsets and vantage points are unmatched.

Maya Gray

Founder/CEO, Day Dream Design Firm

I worked with SAYA on a couple projects. Each time, Bethany helped me get my process in order to be more efficient and organized, which is very helpful since I have ADHD. On one project, Bethany even jumped in and helped me troubleshoot which was a game changer to have someone who understood the goal. On all the projects, I’ve finished earlier than my previous history with a lot less stress, which again is a game changer. With Bethany on my team projects, I feel like I’ve got a partner helping me reach my goal, and my clients win every time.

Cortney Robinson

CEO, Her Web Blooms

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